Our environment is essentially a reflection of ourselves, OPNBX aspires to advance the art of architecture and landscape to the community and elevate their happiness through the expression of our design.

To create and bring an appreciation the blending beauty of architecture and landscape to the global community.

OPENBOX GROUP (OPNBX), a visionary firm established in 2004 by NUI Ratiwat Suwannatrai and PRANG Suwannatrai, redefines the conventional norms of architecture and landscape design. This avant-garde design powerhouse challenges the status quo by seamlessly integrating architecture and landscape into a singular, cohesive entity.

With two decades of groundbreaking experience, OPENBOX has pioneered a multitude of diverse projects, showcasing the paramount significance of a unified design concept, audacity, and the seamless blending of structures with their surroundings.

Distinguished by a relentless pursuit of excellence, OPENBOX Studio has elevated its offerings to encompass architecture, landscape, and interior design. This strategic expansion underscores our commitment to the supremacy of a unified design philosophy. The conventional boundaries between these domains dissolve, enabling us to craft distinctive Identity Designs for our recent projects, setting new standards in the industry. Embrace the revolution in design thinking with OPENBOX Architects – where innovation knows no bounds.

Architecture is the way of LIFE
Nui Ratiwat Suwannatrai

Vision beyond Legacy
Luxury in Simplicity
Identity and Nature Within
Integrated Exploration


Nui Ratiwat Suwannatrai

CEO | Principal Architect | Founder

Prang Suwannatrai

CCO | Managing Director | Founder

Ply Wannapat Jenpanichkarn

Associate | Interior Director

Foam Pruchya Yatha

Associate | Senior Architectural Project Manager



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