Our environment is essentially a reflection of ourselves, OPNBX aspires to advance the art of architecture and landscape to the community and elevate their happiness through the expression of our design.

To create and bring an appreciation the blending beauty of architecture and landscape to the global community.

OPENBOX Architects (OPNBX) has been founded in 2004 by NUI Ratiwat Suwannatrai and PRANG Wannaporn Suwanntrai, architect and landscape architect. The design studio has been formed, based on the core belief that architecture and landscape should be designed and perceived as one. For the past 15 years, OPENBOX has been involved in numerous projects of various types, that illustrate the importance of unified concept, boldness and harmony between architectures and their surroundings.

OPENBOX Studio has currently expanded our service scope to cover architecture, landscape and interior to emphasize the power of unified design concept. Boundaries between each aspect blur into one another, allowing us to create unique Identity Design for our recent projects.

Architecture is the way of LIFE
Nui Ratiwat Suwannatrai

Vision beyond Legacy
Luxury in Simplicity
Identity and Nature Within
Integrated Exploration


Nui Ratiwat Suwannatrai

CEO/ Principal Architect / Founder

Prang Wannaporn Suwannatrai

CCO/ Managing Director / Founder



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