For years OPENBOX ARCHITECTS has a strong belief that alternative, sustainable energy concept is the key of future developments. Energy consumption in developments are one of the highest expenses in business system. Reduction of such expense could be a great benefit in then long run. There are many incentives to encourage the use of sustainable energy sources, such as many certificates and awards. The actual implementation is still far from enough, and is only perceived as CSR for corporate rather to a real solution to save the World.

The following could be one of the most important reasons. Provision of sustainable energy sources has been the ‘unseen’ part of the final outcome. It is perceived to be an infrastructure that lacks appealing images to create a powerful marketing storey.

This is where OPENBOX ARCHITECTS could provide a potential solutions, Identity design for infrastructure projects. For years we have been experimenting with many projects including our homes, and OPENBOX Garden Office that we install solar panels that provided 70% of our daily electricity. Though this has started as our personal passion, we know that one day, this shall become the next BIG idea for future developments, and for mankind.

Since 2017, we have started cooperating our design influence into alternative, clean, sustainable energy business. Today, we have set up partnerships with related companies for this journey. The journey will lead to sustainable future, from Zero Energy Village to ZERO Energy City.


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Luxury in Simplicity
Identity and Nature Within
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