Commercial&Mixed Use

Chevala Wellness Center

The main design concept comes from The Brand Identity,

The meaning of Chevala is comprised of ‘Life + Time’ since we value TIME the most precious thing in LIFE.  And it’s located in Hua Hin, which is a renowned resort destination everyone desires for checking-in. A powdery white sand beach, spectacular beach rocks, and pure breeze of air, Hua Hin becomes the resort town where Thai nobilities has been choosing to relax and rejuvenate their bodies since in the old days. This is a “Wellness destination.” It does require special details because this shop is not a clinic or beauty salon but the destination for everyone who seeks a place to relax, heal, and care for the body and mind, both internally and externally. This is the goal for us to interpret as something tangible. So we use as the inspiration, Feeling of Huahin, to feel the sea, the sand and wind.

  • Gross Area 450 m²
  • Status Complete
  • Completion Year 2022