Bangkok, Thailand

Power Wing A : 318 Panels 124.02 kWp
Power Wing B : 252 Panels 98.28 kWp

OPENBOX design team studied the B.Grimm headquarters layout and proposed to create two multi-function objects at the office parking areas, at the most visible location form the main road. We will create a parking roof, completed with solar panels in the form of a stunning sculpture.

The piece of art itself will express engineering aesthetics by revealing a steel skeleton of a 50 meter piece of art with only 2 columns, and grand cantilever, combined with solar panels installations. This symbolized mankind’s achievements in structural and energy engineering. Underside of the structure, are dashes of terracotta orange that stands for B.Grimm Power color identity.

From the main street passing the front of the headquarters office and through the entrance road, the sculptures creates a strong presence with the awareness as intended. More than just a visual landmark , the sculptures symbolized a connection between engineering and art, that should be perceived as ONE.

  • Gross Area A 670 m² / B 530 m²
  • Status Complete
  • Completion 2020
  • Address B.Grimm Headquarter, 5 Krungthepkreetha Road, Huamark, Bangkapi, Bangkok