Commercial & Mixed-Used

Vanachai Headquarter

Bangkok, Thailand

Concept and Philosophy: Designing a new headquarters for a company is more than just designing office facilities. It must reflect corporate philosophy and pride, creatively put together to become a strong identity.

“Vanachai” translates as “victory in saving forests”, has become a corporate pride and philosophy that has rooted down firmly in the company’s way of building up a business for decades. Founded in 1943, Vanachai Group has grown into one of Thailand’s largest manufacturers of engineer wood products such as MDF, HDF, and particle board

  • Award Citation Award from Siamese Architects Association 2014
  • Client Vanachai Plc.
  • Gross Area 9,000 m²
  • Status Complete
  • Completion Year 2012
  • Address Wong Sawang Rd., Bang Sue, Bangkok