Solar Powerplant

The second project takes place at the largest solar farm project in South East Asia. Like most other energy plants, the project takes up a large open space, and require very little effort to keep the plant running. Our idea is to integrate other functions to keep the area alive, and take the opportunity to give something back (aside from clean energy) to the community.
After a research info possibilities for integrated functions, we found that the project could be use as an attraction to receive guests for international events. Later it could be a knowledge ground for students’ field trips. we proposed to integrate an attraction park functions into the project by the followings :
– Creating a stylish and colourful gate and entrance experience,
– Turning a technical maintenance office into a receiving hall, completed with a gallery hall to tell the storey of how this project came about, and other technical information,
– Creating a touring route into the field of solar panels, which we found to to be quite a unique and photogenic experiences,
– With a natural hill at the canter of the solar field, we integrated a viewing deck on the top as a finale scene for the tour.

  • Client B.Grimm Power Public Company
  • Gross Area 6,000 Sq.m.
  • Status Complete
  • Address Phuyen province (Phú Yên) , Vietnam